Everything is still different

Everything is still different

Ingrid Jansson, Leonela Lilja, Jakob Westberg, Filippa Nilsson Kallhed,

Kristoffer Palmgren, Lisa Lundgren, Anton Lind

30 apr-1 may. 2022

'Everything is still different' is a exhibition by the seven members of the artist-run platform Galleri NOS in Stockholm that took place at POP UP Copenhagen 30 april - 1 may 2022.

In the exhibition, the artists showed their individual works, though they common share of interests in their practices, such as time and movement, change and transformation, as well as intimacy and brutality.

The show consists of works of painting, sculpture and installation.

NOS members are; Anton Lind, Filippa Nilsson Kallhed, Ingrid Jansson, Jakob Westberg, Kristoffer Palmgren, Leonela Lilja and Lisa Lundgren.

The exhibition was supported by Stockholms Stad, Region Stockholm, Direktør Michael Hermann Nielsens Mindelegat, Fondet for Dansk-Svensk Samarbejde.

All photos: NOS crew